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Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1-A

District News – February 2014

By In Newsletter On February 19, 2014


Every even-numbered year, each District holds elections for Board of Director positions. Each District has a five member board that consists of property owners from within that District. The Castle Hills community is comprised of eight separate districts, Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1-A though 1-H. If you have an interest in serving on the board of your District, please contact District 1-A staff for further assistance and filing information.


Each year the resident sewer bill is calculated utilizing a method called Winter Averaging. Sewer billing is based on the average amount of water used during the months from November through February. The four month average volume is the amount of sewer you are then billed from March to February of the following year. Only residents that have an active account, at the same address, are eligible for Winter Averaging. All other residents are charged a flat fee until Winter Averaging is achieved. If you see a change in the sewer portion of your bill this spring, it is due to your Winter Average changing from last year.



  • Water leaks inside and outdoors should be fixed. Put food coloring in your toilet, if it seeps into the toilet bowl without flushing, you have a leak. An inexpensive seal can save over 1,000 gallons per month.
  • Install water efficient appliances for optimum water savings.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes
  • Letting water run while shaving or brushing your teeth can add up to hundreds of gallons per month that could be saved by just turning the water off.
  • Left over water can be reused on house plants, instead of throwing it down the sink.
  • Efficient shower heads and toilets can save over 750 gallons per month.


  • Water early in the morning or after sunset to minimize evaporation. (Stage 2 Water Restrictions)
  • Avoid overfilling swimming pools.
  • Treat the soil with mulch or compost.
  • Employ a pool cover to reduce evaporation.
  • Rely on plantings of native and adapted vegetation.
  • Stop cutting grass too short. Keep grass 2-3 inches tall to shade root systems.
  • End over fertilizing that causes polluted runoff and additional water needs


  • Customers purchased 24.53 million gallons of water in December 2013. That’s a decrease of approximately 13.36 million gallons, as compared to the same month last year.
  • Castle Hills currently has 3,023 customers with an estimated population of 10,580. That’s an increase of 236, as compared to the same month last year.


  • You can pay your District utility bill either on-line, through our website at, or by setting up a monthly automatic bill pay through our office staff.
  • If you need after hour assistance from the District, you can call (972) 709-2359 for our on-call service.


The following projects are in various stages of planning and submittals:

  • Castle Hills Marketplace-Phase 1 (Kroger, & Retail) – Hwy 121 & Josey Ln
  • Lewisville Town Crossing-Shell Building F – 4850 SH 121
  • Lewisville Town Crossing-Shell Building J – 4750 SH 121
  • Tract E2 South-Preliminary Plat – Windhaven Pkwy & Castle Hills Dr
  • Castle Hills Residential-Phase 8A – Windhaven Pkwy
  • Commercial Tract F – 121 & Paige Rd
  • Castle Hills Residential-Phase 7A – Merlin & District Pkwy
  • Commercial Tract A-RaceTrac – SH 121 & 544
  • Commercial Tract K – SH 121 & 544

Permits issued from 12/01/13 through 12/31/13:


Platinum Castle Hills Phase II-Building Permit – 4900 Windhaven Pkwy


Single Family Home – 5
Fence/Fence Columns/Driveway Gate/Retaining Wall – 13
Swimming Pool – 3
*Misc. Permits – 7
(*includes, but is not limited to, remodels, patios, arbors, outdoor living areas)