Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1-A

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Plan Review

Building Department Services

During the plan review process, every aspect of construction and design are reviewed to ensure compliance with the adopted codes. Plans must be reviewed, approved, and paid for prior to the issuance of a building permit. A permit is required for any commercial, residential, sign, fence, or other miscellaneous structures. The Required Permit list will provide a more complete list of the projects requiring a permit.

Please contact the Plans Examiner or the Building Services Administrative Assistant, listed below, for additional questions:

  • Terry Williams, Plan Reviewer (972) 899-9748
  • Mandy Marmon, Building Services Admin (972) 899-9721

Currently Adopted codes:

Please contact the Building Dept. Supervisor at 469-628-3707 for a complete list of building and fire codes.  This includes International and/or National Codes, as well as any amendments, currently in place.

Plan Review Guidelines: